In Remembrance

I don't know what the best way to commemorate this day is, other than to retell the way it affected our lives, which I did here. I was blessed to stay here in the best place on earth on that day. Some were not. I honor them today.


Wigwam Jones said…
I was traveling for a living then. I woke up in California, watched in horror the news from NYC on the TV. It took me two weeks to get home, but that hardly mattered, I was numb inside. I think we all were.
BrideOfPorkins said…
Rough day. Didn't realize how close we were to Manhattan until the power went out. I don't think I'll ever forget the smell, but I met some amazing people in the weeks after.
Ari said…
Wiggy: Wow.

BoP: Adversity, then as now, inspired greatness.
BrideOfPorkins said…
Aye. I feel terrible over the damage Ike did down your way, I was hoping it wouldn't be as bad, but damn. *hugs*
Todd Camplin said…
My mother died that spring, before Sept. and that weekend i drove to texas to visit my brother for 5 weeks. Already had tickets so I saw Cake that weekend too. It really felt weird driving across country while the country was on edge. Then i moved here in Feb. to texas, I guess I wanted to be close to family.

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