Wattamelon Part 1

School let out this past week, and thus the summer has truly begun. (FUUUCK YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.)

As a celebration of that, the first watermelon for personal use was purchased a few days ago, and I spent a chunk of the morning helping it slip its mortal coil so that I could devour it.

Despite its anemic appearance, it has the requisite hollow sound when tapped and tasted appropriately sweet (although it will likely not be a contender for Best Watermelon of the Summer). While shoveling it into my waiting cakehole, I thought it might be amusing to start writing about Crazy Summer Thingstm -- aka, things I only do because it's summertime. One of those things is eating watermelon after watermelon, just because I can.

Resolved, I shall begin tracking summer watermelon consumption in the following ways:
  1. TNW - Total number of watermelons consumed alone
  2. DN - Days Needed to consume each melon completely
  3. WDR - Watermelon Deliciousness Rating (to include color, texture and sweetness)
In just a few days, I'll get back with the most current watermelon data available.


Violet said…
damn. i wish i had a watermelon right about now.

enjoy your summer vay-kay.
Ari said…
I shall, Violet. Oh, I shall. :)

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