Reduce, Reuse...

Tally ho, blogketeers! I hope you are all well. I know I am clinging to a quartered potato in my own personal home remodeling/end of school year stew right now, but as I was cleaning up my office in preparation for putting new laminate floors in just five short months after the toilet flood incident, I found an old piece of titleless lovesick screed (a poem) scribbled on a yellow legal pad. I offer its debut here for your perusal. Enjoy!



So quickly, and yet an eternity
Before something new began.
Sadness lingers like Chopin's fingers
Ghostly upon the keys
Playing notes I cherish
But which echo impossibilities.

And now a newish melody
Distantly enters my heart
At this distance I can't be sure,
But it sounds more like Mozart.

Though I have broken with the past
And want to begin anew
My wittily pirouetting soul still fears
Being messily sawn in two.


"I couldn't sleep at all last night..." Bobby Lewis (1961)


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