The Prosperity Continuum

I don't know if everyone's family is like this, but when I go and continue to go to family gatherings over a period of years, there is an expected level of prosperity that one is expected to attain and exhibit. After any given holiday, the judgment of the family may change depending upon the success or failure of attaining certain life goals.

A representative slice of my own family-judged prosperity can be seen above. While I clearly excel at some areas, others are deeply in need of improvement.

All I can do is continue to try to meet these family prosperity goals, I suppose. Or not. After all, my own graph would look something like this:

So I reckon I'm doing alright.


I've been tripping from sipping the dripping dirty water tap
I've been thinking of drinking too many drinks all by myself
-- Hot Hot Heat ("Bandages")


Wigwam Jones said…
I can't draw the graph (nice work, by the way), but mine would include number of teeth that broke in half for no apparent reason, another chin added, things growing in places they ought not to, and generalized strange rashes. Then there is yards of floor eaten by dogs not yet replaced and on the positive side, two grand spend replacing entire front yard with sod, since I cannot grow grass on my own. However, I am seldom the center of the drama at my family reunions, so I sit in the corner and drink and enjoy the show.

Well done, however!

At the next reunion, you could give a powerpoint presentation maybe?
random moments said…
Nice graph! Ahh family reunions. Mine's made of italians so who knows what kind of graph would be made for mine. *shudder*
Dr. T said…
I'm doing well except on weight loss and long term employment. The family could care less about the weight loss. Now, if I can only find a non-teaching job that I'm not overqualified for, everything will be just great. Or at the very least, get a play or two produced.
Ari said…
Wiggy: WIGGYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Nice to hear from ya! Yeah, after I made the graph I kept thinking of other things but most of them were too embarrassing to include.

RM: Thanks! Ha! I kind of always wished for an Italian family. If I had one, though, I'd probably wish for a family full of melancholy Irish with addictive tendencies...

Dr. T: Already sick of teaching? :) Oh well, I hope you get the play or two produced.

BTW peeps, Make your own awesome graph of anything here:

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