HOW Old Am I???

I have spent all weekend listening to

The Killers


Hot Hot Heat,

with a light dusting of Rihanna (featuring Jay-Z).

Wow. I am closer to 40 than any of the ages of any of these people in these bands. I couldn't give less of a shit about being hip, I just think I was emo when emo wasn't cool.

That doesn't explain my affection for the hook in that "Umbrella" song, however.

Also, go Amy Winehouse. Regardless of her plethora of problems, she is deserving of recognition just for having the guts to do what she has done musically. And with eyeliner.


I got soul, but I'm not a soldier. -- B. Flowers


Ari said…
For further perusal, amuse yourself with this Killers video:

It's an enjoyable 4:45.
I love The Killers. I've got a few Hot Hot Heat songs in mp3, but I don't even remember how they go. I'll check them out.

I'm about as close to 40 as you are, Ari. Don't fret!
Ari said…
LBB: It probably doesn't bother me as much as it should, I just sometimes get occasional flashes of fear that I'm robbing the musical cradle, and therefore, ridiculous. I guess a good tune is a good tune. The Killers are funny/sad, always a winning combo for me. Thanks for your support!
BrideOfPorkins said…
The Killers are one of the few bands that hit the mainstream that I love to bits.

You probably saw their video for Don't Shoot Me Santa, but if not, you must.

I'm sure I've heard Hot Hot Heat, but I can't place the name right now. Rihanna's fabulous. She's another one I love. Also, yeah...I hope Amy Winehouse gets her act together, she's got some voice.
random moments said…
Embrace it child! I can't help but jig to their music too.
Ari said…
BOP, RM, LBB: You're all right! I guess I can groove to anything I durn well please. Muchas gracias!
Targa said…
I hope you don't mind this post from a complete stranger... I found your blog while perusing listings for, of all things, vintage typewriters.

I have yet to give up on modern/pop/current/ whatever music and I'm 46. I listen to it all and have no yearnings for music of my "youth" as most people do. My nieces and nephews are surprised that I know the current batch of HEP musicians... matter of fact, I'll be covering Mr. Brightside by The Killers in this acoustic duo thing I'm working on.

As I've just "discovered" your blog, I am enjoying what I have read.

This line in particular is a gem: "We're still speaking English. You are officially brainwashed, you clueless cog in the international corporate machine, you."
Violet said…
You don't have to be any certain age to enjoy any particular type of music.

Just beware of the day that you refuse to play your music too loud and newly released music just doesn't make sense to you any more.
Ari said…
Violet: That only happens to me a small percentage of the time so far. :)
Dr. T said…
Have to agree with you on The Killers, Hot Hot Heat, and Amy Winehouse. All quite good. The Killers' first album was good, but the second one was incredible.
Dr. T said…
BTW, have you seen The Killers' Christmas song video? It's hilarious.

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