Posterior Emblazonment

I know, this trend is old news now, but its ridiculosity has not lessened.
Do you want to say that this part of you is juicy?
That may be a possibly serious medical problem, possibly related to ingestion of bad enchiladas.
Why don't they get more descriptive with it? Like "Gassy" or "Pimply"?
And hell, why doesn't the rest of the world besides fashionistas join in?
These could appear in all parts of a department store:
"Betta than Brad Pitt's"
"Not an Entrance"
"Change This"
"Caution: May Be Poopy"
"Despite what I say, I should actually go potty"
Plus Sizes
"Got Back"
"May Be Hot, May Not Depending on your Proclivities"
The list is endless.
I mean, if you're going to do a thing, don't do it half-assed!
p.s. Go on, add your own!


Wigwam Jones said…
The Democrat in me. Oh, did I say that out loud? Whoops.
Ari said…
I LIKE that one, Wiggy!
Dave Morris said…
I can't come up with any right now - can I give you a raincheck? It's a holiday, after all.
Trevor Record said…
"Watch out for falling objects"

"Wide Load"
random moments said…
"Stare and DIE"

I love interactive posts...
Ari said…
Np, Dave.

Falling objects!! Capital, Trevor.

Stare and Die should have a laser tracking device to make it true, RM.
Dr. T said…

For Skinny Girls:
It's Really There, I Promise
Leg Toppins

For Fat Girls:
Enough For Everyone
Finally, an Eyeful
A Warm, Cozy Place

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