Weaponry Accessory

This isn't exactly it but today in Spencer's Gifts I saw this hobo purse with a large, uhh, bead? attached to the front that was actually brass (well, aluminum) knuckles.

This one is far more fashionable and expensive and made by James Piatt, who dubs it the "Peacekeeper." Hmm. I'm not sure that peace is what you're gearing up for when you carry this. Nonetheless, it is rather cool and kind of brings up a subject near and dear to me, which is, carrying some form of weaponry on one's person at all times.

As a teenager, I had a double-edged dagger with a blade of about three inches, a brass crosspiece, and a hilt of stacked wood in rainbow hues. It was illegal due to having a double edge, but it looked cool. (Hey, tell the dollar store guy I got it from. Yes, dollar store.)

I carried it with me everywhere, either in my purse or in my pocket, to school, to Ozzy Osbourne concerts, everywhere. I don't know why, but having it made me feel better. It was the kind of weapon, according to someone's dad I knew back then, who in the 50's had been a bona fide leather-jacket-wearing hoodlum, that one didn't mind leaving behind in a pinch, because it didn't cost much! I never envisioned using it, nor did I want to, but I wish I still had it today. It was just an insurance policy that I hoped I'd never need.

Well, post 9/11, I stopped carrying a knife with me at all times, until recently I was at Home Depot and purchased a nice, sharp $10 pocket knife. So nice and sharp, in fact, that I sliced a tiny cut into my own finger about 12 seconds after opening its packaging -- a packaging from which I was reading a caution about not slicing oneself.

Why did I choose now to reinstate the policy of carrying a weapon, however small, with me everywhere? There are lots of reasons, but not the least of which is that shooters come to my place of employment specifically because they know no one at a school is likely to be armed. I've been thinking that maybe it's a better idea to put a tranquilizer gun in the hallway of every school. Maybe every classroom even, as long as they're carefully labeled NOT FOR QUIETING STUDENTS.

Why fall to the Harrises and the Klebolds and the Chos?
Tranq them like the animals they are, then throw them to litigious lions of justice.


Camplin said…
As a kid, I had "ninja" thowing star. I found them in my old stuff I brought back from Kentucky. Boy, did that take me back.
Ari said…
Ohh, yes. I remember those. Collecting weapons at that time, before Waco's Branch Davidians, before school shootings, before Jeremy, before terrorism on our own soil, before metal detectors in every school, didn't mean you meant anybody any harm, didn't mean you were a member of some wacko religion or militia. They were just COOL. They really had nothing to do with hurting anyone, just keeping yourself safe. Like martial arts training, you possessed it never intending to use it.
Camplin said…
I also remember bringing toy guns to school and playing army. There must have been 15 to 20 students (girls and boys) with toy guns shotting each other in my grade school. Use your finger to shot someone now, and you get thrown out of school. By the way, thanks for the link.
Ari said…
Yep, well said! Np on link!
Trevor Record said…
I used to carry around a knife with me until I realized that if I was ever mugged it probably wasn't worth the $15-20 I generally carry around with me.

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