Shopping OCD in its Various Forms

I've been paring down the amount of makeup I carry around with me at all times.

Currently, I am at the following purse totals:
  • Three eyeliners -- brown-black, purple and blue
  • One mascara -- brown-black
  • Three lipsticks (including one that doesn't come off unless scrubbed)
  • One clear lip gloss
  • Concealer (although the one I have is old and I've already bought a new one)
AND, this is only what I carry around... I have two makeup cases full of brushes, nail polish, eye shadow, glittery dust and other stuff, not to mention the dozens of tubes and packets I have shoved away in drawers.

It's foolishness, I know. How much makeup can one person wear at a time?
(Well, woman I mean, as I'm sure drag queens can wear significantly more.)

I cannot really explain this other than feeling that I have to have a CHOICE.

I do the same thing with shoes. I have probably 30 pairs. And oddly, I have noted that $6.00 Chinese-made shoes from Dollar General can smell like gasoline (making me wonder if I should avoid lit matches or flung cigarette butts).

The span between me and a small furry forest animal squirrelling away its precious for the winter is immeasurably small at times.


random moments said…
Oh wow, I think we're related. If I end up liking or finding a great deal on a makeup item, I must get three of the same but in different colors. And I have back-ups of all my regular uses: I purchase eyeliner, mascara & lip gloss in twos.

Its not crazy (or OCD?) I think its pretty sensible. Make up gets discontinued so easily, so really you're just taking a small step to make life easier in the long run. In terms of make up, that is. :)
Trevor Record said…
I dunno, don't most girls have a lot of makeup they carry around with 'em? Especially in Texas! I once had a girlfriend that kept all of her used makeup containers. She had drawers full of them. Now that is OCD.
Ari said…
RM: Maybe it's NOT just me... whew.

Trevor: Now I'd never do that. Mine all have something in them.
Dave Morris said…
For Christmas last year, I gave Violet a big leather purse with plenty of make-up space. She's not really a make-up person (not so much anyway) so she uses the space to carry stuff for me. There's a method to my madness.
Makeup. I'm so glad that's not a guy thing!

It's bad enough we're shaving our bodies and using all-over body spray.

Fuck Abercrombie and Fitch.

Nice to see you posting, Overthunk!
Ari said…
Dave: I've been thinking I need to get a bigger purse for all this crap. Now just to find a babydaddy... ;)

LBB: 'Tis my pleasure to be postin' -- would that I had more time and/or were cleverer.
Azathoth100 said…
HEh. That so rocks. Small furry forest animals rule (this coming from a big furry forest animal). Sometimes I think we're all collectors at heart, it's just a matter of what we all collect that differs.
Amandarama said…
I have no makeup in my bag. However, my make-up drawer in the bathroom is where eye shadow goes to die. I have at least 7 of them and I can't seem to bring myself to throw any of it away.
Ari said…
Aza: I love squirrels.

Amanda: I think if I was on a desert isle, I would use a charred piece of stick as an eyeliner, such is the nature of my addiction.
shoparound said…
I know that gasoline smell. I have a tote bag that has it with a little moth ball scent mixed in. *sweet*
BrideOfPorkins said…
Just knowing you know that smell brings me peace. I thought it was just me that noticed it. I...oddly like the smell, but then my Nan liked to chew on replacement rubber heels back when they made those.

I used to carry one of those 18-shade eyeshadow things around with me, but now I don't carry a purse. I do have a ridiculous amount of menthol drop wrappers and bits of green yarn in my pockets, though.

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