On the Edge

I await.

I try to do other things, but I am continually distracted.

Will Tony get whacked, commit suicide, lose his family, turn to the feds?

Will A.J. flip out?

Why the shovel?

I just can't stop thinking about it... the alternate endings, the end of an era, almost everyone else is already gone.

Soon, we'll know.... but not soon enough!


Ari said…
OK, I'll admit it. I wept. :)
Wonder Woman said…
I thought they couldn have done "it" so much better...

Disappointed I was.

It's passed now ;)
Ari said…

Well, WW, I think I'm at odds with everyone in the world... I thought it was a great ending and typical of David Chase awesomeness. I loved how he got around how to end it by basically leaving it up to the viewer. Personally I didn't think he got whacked there, because the whole last show was about getting back on track from the prior raining of poop upon the family (although you know he could in the next moment or the next day, or could end up in the clink). I think there's evidence in the episode that at least in that moment, he's ok, but I think Chase's point was, that's all we have.

Even though Tony should never have been sympathetic to anyone at all, one of the geniuses of the show all along has been to see how many ways you can identify with a murdering, lying, cheating, stealing mob boss. And as it has been all along, the music was perfect. "Don't Stop Believing" has been in my head all week, and a fitting song for Tony it was. After the episode ended, I realized too that Tony could be a metaphor for America, especially now. We do stuff that the world considers evil and murderous but by God we survive and come out ahead every time. There are dysfunctions and inconsistencies and money-focused behaviors about the society that will never change, but at the same time, on many important levels we have a good heart and take care of people who depend on us. After watching, I had that same stunned and amazed feeling that I had in the best shows of seasons 1-3. For me, for a brief span, it was a triumphant return to the glory days, a fitting flourish to finish one of television's most historic shows.
Amandarama said…
I've not actually seen the finale yet. I've got the entire season sitting there on Tivo. I need to actually find the time to sit down and watch it.
Ari said…
Well, Amanda, while season 6 was better than 4 and 5, it wasn't as good as 1-3. I still liked the ending, though. Hope you enjoy it!
Or we won't.

WTF was with that ending?
Ari said…
I'm not sure why David Chase made the choices he did, LBB. All I know is that I liked it. Any show that provokes that much controversy can't be all bad, can it? :)
Trevor Record said…
Hmm, in the end he just sort of walks off with his family, right? Why was everyone disappointed he didn't die, did they feel that it was like the overall message was "sometimes people who do bad things get away with it"?
Ari said…
Well, the disappointing bit, Trevor, is that he sits down to dinner with his family and meanwhile there are some shady characters in and around the diner he's in, and his wife comes in, his son comes in, his daughter, who has been taking a few minutes to parallel park is coming in, and suddenly, everything goes BLACK. So you don't really know 100% what happened. Some people are mad because there wasn't a clear cut ending or because they wanted closure, some people wanted to see him get whacked so he would finally get his for all the bad stuff he's been doing, particularly in the last season.
Violet said…
i have not followed sopranoes for the last several seasons, but dave has kept me updated and we watched the last one together. i agree that it was the perfect twist, although i think that tony did end up getting 'whacked' when the screen went black. i guess the only way to prove me wrong is to have a movie come out about the family... it could happen!
Dave Morris said…
Yeah I think Tony got whacked. But there's just no way to be sure... hmmmmmmmmmmm.

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