How hickass is too hickass?

We've been having a lot of rain here in Dallas lately. Not as much as in Gainesville, 70 miles north (see photo), but still, enough to turn a few pastures into sort-of rice paddies, or fishing grounds for egrets.

So the other day I was lazing about and realized that yet again, it was going to pour down. It was going to pour down cats and dogs, and my particular dogs had a blanket they had soiled and needed washin'. So I threw it outside in the backyard, into said rain.

It got washed by the good waters of God, purged of its doggy-stink sins.

Later, I washed it in the washing machine, but still, it wasn't AS dirty as it COULD have been, due to quick advantage taken of natural resources .

Assertion: I am hickass.
Question: Too hickass?


Well, it's floodin' down in Texas
All the telephone lines are down
I've been tryin' to call my baby
And I can't get a single sound
-- S. Ray Vaughan


Country folk can survive.
-- H. Williams Jr.


Wigwam Jones said…
I'd say that the dog blanket is fine. If you had hung your washing on the line, thinking you were getting a two-fer, that might have been just a tad hickass. But if you didn't tell anyone...
Blogarita said…
I'd have done the same thing.

That doesn't really answer your question, does it?
Ari said…
Very true, Wiggy, but unfortunately the homeowner's association round here (which I wish wasn't) delineates hanging of the laundry as an overly hickass offense. Fortunately, they can't see blankets thrown down on patios.

No, but it's comforting nonetheless, Blogarita.
No. Never too much. Not you, OverThunk.
Ari said…
I reckon you're right, LBB.
Wigwam Jones said…
Well, then, I guess they'd better never visit Bad Axe, Michigan.

Wiggy say Booyah:
Ari said…
That is superior, Wiggy! :)

I really don't know what's so horrible about hanging washing out... after all, it's a very green thing to do and THAT's all the rage. I guess I'll keep on walkin' round with this perpetual question mark over my head.

Also, Bad Axe is a cool name for a town.
Trevor Record said…
I tend to think of "hickass" as having car parts strewn about your front lawn.

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