Another weirdass recipe

Some of you may remember this gift from the gods of Foods That Should Not Be.

Well, here's another.

Sweet 'N' Sour Cupcakes

1. Prepare white cake mix, pour into cupcake cups (preferably of the rockin' stars variety, but I've only seen those at Christmas and have been saving them ever since), and bake.

2. Mix one packet of tropical punch flavored Kool Aid and about 1/4 cup sugar.

3. Sprinkle mixture over warm cupcakes and watch in amazement as it turns from a greyish powder to bright red, even though you know that's what's going to happen.

4. Serve to kids you know and await their accolades, which, I assure you, will be forthcoming.

5. Eat one yourself, with visible doubt. Like it and eat another.

Amazing what a lack of icing can do to stimulate the imagination. I made these once before for the class just due to lack of materials, but this time they were clamoring for the oddness again.

Try it!

WARNING: Yes, of course it stains everything in sight.

p.s. Yes, that is a cool camera effect, but like the cakes themselves, it was unplanned. Camera fall down (months ago) go boom (now). :(


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--- A. and N. Wilson


Wigwam Jones said…
Looks like Ken Kesey would have loved these cupcakes. Congrats!
Ari said…
May be, Wiggy! I should title it the Electric Broke Camera Cupcake Test and enter it in some photo competition.
Trevor Record said…
Hmm, sounds interesting, anyway...

I am all into food experimentation, but I think my food adventurousness pales compared to yours.
Camplin said…
I like the image. A very happy mistake. This post is hits my visual, smell and taste sensations. Thanks.
Ari said…
Thanks, Camplin! One tries to engage all the senses with wordsmithery. Or just to post crazy experiments on the interwebs...

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