White Trash Recipe

Brought to you from the State Fair of Texas is this concoction invented from materials on hand while sitting waiting for a sheep dog show to start.

Fair Food Burritos

1 bag freshly spun cotton candy
1 paper cup slightly stale popcorn

Peel off thin layers of cotton candy to create a candy "tortilla" in your hand.

Sprinkle in a handful or so of popcorn inside the cotton candy tortilla.

Fold "tortilla" together, adding extra strips of candy on the top or sides to seal it in.

Stuff in mouth, making "mmm" sounds as you go.

It's a crunchy, soft, sugary, salty slice of junk food genius.



Anonymous said…
Holy Christ that looks fucking disgusting. ;)

Violet said…
I disagree with Steven... I think that looks like one of the most appetizing things that I've ever seen in my entire life. I also have not had anything to eat all day, so at this point, I would eat almost anything.

P.S. Thanks for the link!
Ari said…
It looks disgusting to me today, Steve, but it was good the other day at the fair. Kind of like instant candy corn.

Np, Violet! :)
Anonymous said…

You were high, right? Please tell me you were high.


Actually, I bet it's good with a glass of late harvest riesling.
Ari said…
A late-harvest would be the perfect pairing for this dish, Amanda. Or maybe just the wine and throw this mess in the trash.

I have to admit, the more I look at it, the grosser it seems. But I have had a 24 hr blitzkrieg-type stomach virus since then, so who can tell?
Azathoth said…
BRILLIANT! Now when do we start mass production?
Ari said…
I don't think you could mass produce something with these foods, Aza. I think they self-destruct if not eaten within 8 hours of their own creation.

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