If this was myspace, you'd be annoyedly scrolling down, trying to find the clickbox to stop the page's theme song.

Today, it would be the song "Defender" by the epic metal band Manowar.

Ride like the wind
Fight proud, my pup
You're the defender
God has sent


For this, the tiniest of dogs, exploded into violent barking and enthusiastic lunging at this threatening sight:

A rather crappy patio set -- loaned out, but then returned.

Once empty patio
I look up to you and heed thy call
This plastic ends my search
I'll live your dream now passed to me

And I now wait to shake the hand of fate
Like the dusk awaiting dawn
So umbrella, flap your spell
With no heart to do me well
So its written, it shall be

Trust me, it's a great song.
And in no wise wussy.
Great to swing a paladin sword by.
Oh, and there at the beginning? THAT'S ORSON WELLES.


Ari said…
Found it!

You can listen here 3X for free.
Not too bad.
Violet said…
Pretty funny. Good to know that you've got a threatening guard dog there to protect you from that scary patio furniture.
Ari said…
Well, I like it LBB. Anything that looks like D&D and heavy metal mixed together, I'm in.

No one, Violet, not living nor inanimate object, invades THIS dog's turf.
Gary said…
I'm not a big fan of music on blogs. Normally I turn my speakers off when I'm blogging. I wonder whether anyone else does that.
Ari said…
I like music while blogging, but not music that is forced upon me.

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