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Two Years

Two years I've been writing this. Two years.

Most of you and I have known each other for most of that span.

Why is it so hard to believe, the constant flow of time?


Reality is a question of perspective; the further you get from the past, the more concrete and plausible it seems -- but as you approach the present, it inevitably seems incredible. -- Salman Rushdie

Very Sad News

Hi everyone,

Because friends share in good things and bad and this is important to me, I thought you all might like to know. My mom, who had been battling many health problems, especially during the past few years, passed away Friday night.

She was not a perfect person, but her love for me was.

I figure if you want to know more, you'll ask. But if I don't seem quite myself for awhile, that's why. Thanks.


If this was myspace, you'd be annoyedly scrolling down, trying to find the clickbox to stop the page's theme song.

Today, it would be the song "Defender" by the epic metal band Manowar.

Ride like the wind
Fight proud, my pup
You're the defender
God has sent


For this, the tiniest of dogs, exploded into violent barking and enthusiastic lunging at this threatening sight:

A rather crappy patio set -- loaned out, but then returned.

Once empty patio
I look up to you and heed thy call
This plastic ends my search
I'll live your dream now passed to me

And I now wait to shake the hand of fate
Like the dusk awaiting dawn
So umbrella, flap your spell
With no heart to do me well
So its written, it shall be

Trust me, it's a great song.
And in no wise wussy.
Great to swing a paladin sword by.
Oh, and there at the beginning? THAT'S ORSON WELLES.