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The Things I See In This Town II

Pants. Pants and a sock.Pants that didn't appear to be poop-soiled.Pants that didn't even appear to be old or much worn.Not hobo pants.Just black jean pants.Right smack in downtown Dallas, not a side street or culvert.Where people perambulate, not where they sleep on benches or burn barrel fires.Non-hobo pants, near a cathedral, seen shortly after Chinese New Year.Crumpled waist down, as if Clark Kent had lost weight, making their fit too loose, and they slipped free of his waist as he raised his arms to the sky, and Super-flew into the blue, a freak gale or greedy grackle snatching a souvenir sock from one foot.

The Things I See In This Town I

Yep, that's a tiny cellphone-captured moment of a schoolbus sitting in the parking lot of a liquor store on a rainy afternoon about a month ago.

The name of the package store in question is Centennial Fine Wines and Spirits (which you can read if ya squint hard enough at it), on Central Expressway, Dallas, Texas. (In the same liquor store where I once met that Sam Elliot lookalike guy, as a matter of fact.) (But I don't frequent it that often, honest.) (No, really.)

The name of the district who operates the school bus had been obscured with black paint.