I have invented a new marketing tool for cellphones. Observe:

Living with a roommate/s?

Do you have sexual relations?

Do they?

Then you need SPS:
the Sexual Positioning System!
Use this state of art device to alert your housing compadre
to your or his/her sexual needs for the space
Never listen to your roommate's partner's dirty "skank calls" again!
Order SPS now and be assured of a disturbance-free
New Year's eve ass-gittin'!
SPS: Position yourself to score!


Lance Manion said…
"SPS - Position yourself to score!"

I like it. Beats the hell out of a sock on the door.
Ari said…
Maybe you could even set optional ringtones for, uh, various "events" ...
Sign me up!
Azathoth said…
Heheheheh. I like it. compyright it now while you can before some corporate goober gets his hands on it.
Dave Morris said…
I would be over my minutes way too fast.
Ari said…
No prob, LBB. The good news: no credit check! There is a $500 deposit payable to AriIndustries due first though.

That brings up a good question, Aza. Is a dated post on a blog a copyright of sorts? Would it hold up in court?

I bet that's not even an exaggeration on your part, Dave. :)
Dr. T said…
We just make our roommate suffer through our having sex 2-3 times a day. :-)
Ari said…
Yep, you need to be a charter member of SPS, Dr. T. :)

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