The problem with making food gifts...

is that while you're laboring over Crunchy Sweet Mixed Nuts, you tend to want to taste test them. A LOT.
Non-Food Ingredients for Christmas baking:
  • Rockin' CD (and player, as you can see)
  • One? glass egg nog (only 420 calories each!)
  • Hardcore self-discipline
  • A large-print sign taped in a highly visible place that reads: IF YOU EAT ALL THE GIFTS, YOU'LL HAVE TO SHOP AGAIN.
  • If you're feeling classy, a chilled glass of pinot grigio.
  • If it's further from payday, maybe a shot or 3 of the pumpkin schnapps left over from Halloween last year.

Hope all y'all's gifting is going merrily!


Amandarama said…
I'm all about the on-line shopping this year. Except for whatever last minute gift I pick up at the discount store for the guy married to my mom.

Happy Gift Baking!
One? glass egg nog (only 420 calories each!)

Holy freggin Jeez! Yeah. How about that chit? I love egg nog. My mom used to give it to us around the holidays. Not only is it delicious. It's sentimental.

But once I became an adult, I took a gander at the calories. NOTHING comes close to egg nog! A 4 oz. serving (half a glass) of LIGHT egg nog has 200 calories in it!!!!
Ari said…
Yeah, I'm thinking about moving into this century next year, too, Amanda. Let somebody else bake it. Then I won't eat any.

I think maybe a nice glass of Wesson Oil might have fewer calories, LBB. And who the hell can drink only 4 ounces of egg nog?
Jessica said…
I like that sign idea. I hate idea of shopping after the holidays.
Ari said…
Yeah or for one minute longer than necessary, Jess.

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