A Kind of Bloodlust

To begin with, I deftly rent the body in half, slicing through its soft skin,

the ruby contents spilling onto the floor.

I chose one tool, then another, with which to do my dismembering.

I thought it best to cut each of its parts loose with a sharp knife.

Its lifeblood flowed into a bowl I had placed below the body for the purpose

of catching the nutrient-rich fluids that, until recently, had sustained it.

Each of the sections was then devoured.

Not yet satisfied, I squeezed the innards mercilessly,

greedily drinking the dripping blood one spoonful at a time.

Finished, I cast the empty husk into the garbage bin

and went to wash my hands of the sticky evidence.


Double entendre? Cool.
Julie said…
'Ode to the blood orange
very nice and tastey piece of work there my dear!
Lance Manion said…
Ooooh! Lusty!
Ari said…
Entendriffic, LBB. I debated for awhile about even putting the pic on.

Actually it was one of those lovely, luscious grapefruits you get in gift baskets. I stole 2 from my mom and the other is awaiting execution. Who says vegetarians aren't violent (not that I am one)?

Very much so, Lance. If it's lusty, I often go in for it.
Dave Morris said…
I will never consume grapefruit the same again! Very cool!!
Ari said…
I have thus changed the world. Thanks, Dave. :)
Carpe jugulum!, or is it, Carpe diem quam minimum credula a postero? Anyway, refreshing to see an intelligent blog in this imbroglio of human suffering.

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