Confounded Fastener, a.k.a.

Isn't the finest art scrawled on a found index card in a frustrated moment of clothing failure?


Yeah. It's pretty cool, alright.
Ari said…
Hehe. Now I can't decide if that was sarcasm or not, LBB. :)

Also, the zipper did not fail due to fatness I swear, but rather due to keeping the same pants for several years running.
Dave Morris said…
Now THOSE are some pubes! LOL! Nice art, Ari...
Dave Morris said…
Arghhh! Upon closer inspection, that is a pattern on underwear, right? Gulp. Me dumb lug.

Still nice art.
Ari said…
LOL! Well, there was sort of a subtle joke to the panty pattern.... kittens... so you were kind of right. :)

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