12 Minutes of Downloadable Insanity

Firstly, if you like robot/love related webcomics,
go here: http://dieselsweeties.com/

A caveat tho: Prepare to burn up a whole bunch of life-hours.
There are hundreds of strips, and WAY cool shirts too.
Oh yeah, the 12 minutes!
The guy who makes diesel sweeties is rstevens.
He has a livejournal.
On November 4,
he put a link to this 12 minute brain fuddling song?,
called Intro-Introspection.
If you want it, find it here.
It's 12 minutes of song intros, mashed up together.
It might make you insane.
I'm on the 2nd listen and I can't decide if I want to hear it again or throw up.
It's unnatural.
It's kissing Pitt, Affleck, Ford, Damon, Clooney, Kravitz, Mortensen, McGregor,
Ledger, Banderas, Bloom, and Wilson, and then walking away.
I could go on, but that would just delay you a little more from
indulging your morbid curiosity, like I did.
If it gets too intense, just plug your ears and after 12 minutes,
it will go away.


I'm hella there.
Ari said…
Would love to know what you think about it, LB.
Rob Seifert said…
I'll check it out. Happy New Year Ari!

Ari said…
Hope ya enjoy it, Rob. Same to you!

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