Yahoo Mess... iah

This just in from some random chat guy on Yahoo:

"just like an angel you are, i see the eyes of GOD all over you, his blessings all around you and is favour just in every step you take. i see the Holy one of israel in your front leading you, and the KING of KINGs right behind you guiding you. He wil be there when you want him and right there when you need Him cos he made you for a purpose and this purpose you will live to acomplish and attain, Just because he lives."
Well, dude, one can only hope.
p.s. That art is a painting by a Danish artist called Asbjorn Lonvig. Which is certainly a cool name. Scope to see more.


Ari said…
Oh, the title of that painting is Jesus Christ. Hence its relevance to this post. And stuff.
defiant goddess said…
"As we all say, 'Amen'."

Hey, you won an honorable mention on my blog, so what would you like your prize to be? :)
Wigwam Jones said…
Jesus look like he gonna hold up a train. Ah, what do I know? I drank two bottles of Yuengling and staggered back to my hotel like the cheap drunk I am. Sorry Jesus!
Ari said…
Goddess: Prize... prize... I dunno. Something honorable?

Careful, Wiggy. You might spill your 40.
defiant goddess said…
Hmmm ...

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