We Interrupt This Disparate Band of Posts

About me because I am drunk. Yes, right now I am. Do you think I'm NOT?

Well, I am. I guess that counts as thing # 61. Would you feel cheated if I used that as a post?

I repetitively repeat bullshit when I drink. Did you know? Well now you do.

"Just one more vodka cranberry," I was thinking.

I did not cotton to the near room-spinningness I would be courting when I had that 4th vodka cranberry beverage. Would it help to know that my people hail from the Emerald Isle? Would that excuse Tuesday Drunkenness?

Have a happy sleep time (or day time?), my much loved readers. More coherent blogposts to come.


"Spin around and fall down / do it again." -- Everclear


Lance Manion said…
I used to excuse Tuesday drunkeness by saying, "Well, at least it's the weekend somewhere." But it turns out it's not. Stupid international date line. So now I just loudly declare that the weekend begins now and don't show up for two days.

They love me at work.
defiant goddess said…
LOL @ Lance
It's even better whey you're drunk, ARi.
Ari said…
LOL too, Lance. Thankfully I'm off for summer vacation and the weekend really does begin now.

I'm sure, LBB... I'm like Charles fuckin' Bukowski now.

I was gonna take this post down, Goddess, but now you three have witnessed it so I will leave it up as a badge of shame and to remind myself that I really need to STOP at 3 double vodka cranberries. :)
Ithiel said…
P'shaw. I don't think you even misspelled that many words. Besides it's always mildly interesting to get hammered, blog, then read it the next day while recovering.
defiant goddess said…
Ah yes, a witness. Oh, the posts I have taken down before spotted ...

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