Things 36 - 58 About Me

36. I don't smoke, but I will keep a pack of cigarettes around the house on occasion, to just spark one up when the urge strikes (once every few months).

37. I sometimes like a puff of a cigar too... just enjoy the smell and taste of the smoke. Maybe I'm part hobbit.

38. I do the above thing partly because I love the smell of a cigarette being lit.

39. Both my parents and two of my grandparents smoked, so maybe that's why.

40. My other grandmother dipped snuff. Yep, powdery brown stuff between the cheek and gum, necessitating intermittent spitting into the sink, a cup carried around, or the nearest corner spittoon.

41. In fact, I often say that if I hadn't been dating a hardcore against smoking person in my formative years, I would be a smoker today. On the upside of that, I won't get emphysema like my mom has. On the downside, I probably would be thinner.

42. I enjoy creme brulee, but not flan.

43. I HATE getting in trouble.

44. I understand that if I do not complete the above requirements and fail to appear on the above set court date that a warrant for my arrest may be issued and that I will be liable for the balance of the fine/fees and the violation will be reported as a conviction on my driving record.

45. I am cooking spaghetti as I type this.

46. I learned a spaghetti-cooking tip from the Sopranos, which is: add about a tablespoon of butter and a spoonful of sauce to the drained, cooked noodles and stir, before adding the rest of the sauce to the drained, cooked noodles. It just gives this yummy background creaminess to the whole affair.

47. I'm starting to think that Modest Mouse may be badass for other reasons besides that "Float On" song (in particular for a song called "Heart Cooks Brain").

48. I am a great editor and can be grammatically anal, but I make full use of my poetic license to invent words and such. Flanflapulous, for example. Been saying that sarcastically to myself when I see something that isn't quite fabulous. But nobody knows that but you. See that? I just began a sentence with a conjunction. Let's get off this screeching-on-the-red-hot-tracks train of inconsistency, shall we?

49. I am somewhat deathly pale.

50. However, this year, I have a farmer's tan.

50a. Google Images brought this up under farmer's tan. Farmer Tan perhaps?
51. I possess an ability to just pretend something didn't happen or someone doesn't exist. Auto-denial, it might be named. I dunno.

52. My alignment in life and in most rpgs is chaotic good.

53. On average, I say "I love you" to my pup five or more times a day. Also, I sing to him.

54. I want Ozzy Osbourne's "See You On The Other Side" to be played at my funeral.

55. Cremation's the option I'm 80% sure I want for my mortal coil. When I mention that to my mom though, she bitches at me about it.

56. My first rock concert was Journey, at age 12.

57. I've seen so many dozens of shows since that time that sometimes I can't recall if I saw a particular band or not. Iron Maiden, for example. Just not sure.

58. I am wearing panties with little moons and stars on them today, a promise of the celestial wonders within, I assume.

59. I was just about to wrap this when I remembered that I promised a bizarre meeting of my Deadwood/Meat Loaf obsessions. The other day I purchased a film (on VHS, for $5.55) called Meat Loaf: To Hell and Back. How does this connect with Deadwood, you may ask? The title role of Meat was played by W. Earl Brown, aka Dan Dority on Deadwood. I also managed to purchase 3 other Meat Loaf related items. No, I don't know what's wrong with me.

Aren't all blogs just "X Number of Things About Me?" where X is a variable = to the number of posts?

You people know that I love you, don't you? :)


"The sparkle in your eyes / keeps me alive." -- The Cult


Julie said…
Ari said…
Thank you! Every kind word only encourages me, you know. ;)
Latigo Flint said…
Several years ago I saw old concert footage of The Loaf performing Bat' from way back in the day. It moved me beyond description. Such sweat, energy - he was young, big and oblivious. He hit notes he shouldn't have been able to hit. I've never wanted the ability to rewind a TV program more.
Lance Manion said…
Actually, according to the graphic, your alignment is Chatotic Good.

I love the smell of pipe smoke, and will gladly follow a pipe smoker around for hours, just for the smell.
Ari said…
I think that's what appeals to me about him, Latty. He's just completely ON, completely in touch with his gifts and careless of societal jibber jabber about what kind of songs should be sung and what he should weigh and how much he should sweat. In essence, he is/was powerfully unique. Oh, and Jim Steinman, too.

Quite right Lance, I had my web fairies come and erase that terrible graphic. And I like pipe smoke too.
defiant goddess said…
What happened to the rest?
Azathoth said…
Unfortunatly my alignment would probably be Lawful Good, but I DM'd for years and have played all the differant alignments.
FLAN RULES, sorry you don't like it. I will smoke cigars on a special occasion, but I have never smoked anything else. I have dated smokers and found that kissing them doesn't bother me like I always thought it would. Actually, the Demon smoked. The only tan I ever get is a drivers tan, just the left arm from hanging it out the window.
I love your list and am looking forward to the next group.
Ari said…
Goddess, the rest are still bubbling forth from the hot lava of my being.

And thanks, Aza. Maybe next time you should get a British-style car and even out the freckling on your arms.
You have to be a D&D geek to catch #52. Righteous!
defiant goddess said…
"hot lava of my being"

You go, girl. Must be nice. I haven't had hot lava in my being since ...

Amandarama said…
I always saw myself as a Chaotic Neutral kinda person.

Excellent tip about the spaghetti, btw...
Ari said…
I wonder if LBB is a closet D&D geek...

Goddess, some days it's hot lava, some days it's cold basalt.

Amanda, I hope you tried and liked it. I do that every time I do spaghetti now.
D-Train said…
About the dipping: are you serious your grandmother spat it out in a spitoon? I go to school with rednecks that all dip, and they just spit it out on the floor. So from what I can ascertain, your grandmother wasn't hard-core.
Ari said…
Actually, my grandmother spent a lot of her days in the kitchen, so she usually just spat it in the kitchen sink.

And this was weird... powdered brown tobacco that I gather some people snort, but she didn't. She dipped it like Skoal or what not.

Her dipping may not have been hardcore, but her cooking certainly was.
Dave Morris said…
When I bought my current house, during the pre-closing walk-through I looked up at the ceiling in the theater room and saw these exhaust fans. I asked the seller what they were, and she said "industrial exhaust fans, this room is made to be a smoking room. My ex was a nasty cigar smoker."

That poor woman has no idea what she lost. And I had no idea what I was buying - a DREAM home where I could smoke cigars INSIDE! Happy, happy day for me.

I wonder, could you be lured into sitting around in your moon/stars panties, watching Sopranos and smoking a stogie? If so you're some guy's dream woman.

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