Pimpin' >-|

Ok, if you are misanthropic, do not walk your dog at dusk.
For in Texas, this is when humans deem the temperature low enough to leave their pockets of air conditioning within the universe to venture out for walking excursions.
Particularly, the teen set.
So I'm walking my black puggy doggie and they ask, "What's his name?" and I say, "Pippin."
And they say, "PIMPIN?"
Gottdammit, NO!
So I correct them. Now why in God's green earth would a PUG be named PIMPIN'?? Maybe a Rottweiler. Or a Snoop type Doberman. Or a Pit Bull.
I'm tempted to say things like, "No, teens. This dog is a wackadoo. He would in no wise be in charge of many hos. He's no Al Swearengen, you see? Not a Cy Tolliver. Do you kids watch Deadwood? Nevermind. He's a goof among dogs. His purpose is to amuse. In no wise is he pimpin', understand?"
But I don't. So anyway, avoid duskwalking of pets if you have an ongoing bone to pick with most of humanity.

>-| - denotes BUI: Blogging Under the Influence


Azathoth said…
Ah, too many people with Pimpin on thier minds. Teach the dog to attack anyone who gets it's name wrong. Bet they'd learn fast.
Azathoth said…
PS. would you get mad if I linked you on my blog?
Ari said…
NO way! Link away! And I shall return the favor as well. :) And thanks!
Julie said…
those silly little kiddos.
Hope you enjoyed you cocktails!
Pip said…
Are you suggesting that "Pippin" is the name of someone who is good only for goofy amusement? Huh? HUH?
Ari said…
Of course not. I'm just saying folks should mind their m's and p's and not accuse innocent pugs of running illegal businesses.
Dr. T said…
Having met him, I'm not so sure how innocent that pug is...
Anonymous said…
Now, as I recall, a pimp is a man who is around to make sure his woman is safe when she is having sex with someone. And Pip was around when... So he was sort of like a pimp at least twice. No money exchanged hands, tho. Just an exchange of fun for fun.
defiant goddess said…
That is too funny! LOL
Ari said…
Thank you kindly for your kind words, Goddess. :)

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