Denouement (84 - 100)

Well, Manion's got a point. I suppose this is dragging on a bit. Here's the day's new mont.

84. Out of curiosity, I did a websearch for Arisnow. On Yahoo Messenger and a few other places, I use the screen name Arisnow8. Well, it turns out that Arisnow (without the 8) is some submissive slave chick into bdsm. I reckon I'm unique, just like everyone else. And apparently may get a whippin' from my master if I get too uppity. Even scarier? She fuckin' quoted Meat Loaf on her webpage.

85. My Texas accent isn't too bad, but it gets worse in proportion to who I'm around, how much country music I've listened to recently, and whether or not I'm riled up.

86. The 2 jobs I kick myself for not having are * TV and/or movie writer and * rock star.

87. I don't claim to make any sense, as it's not a requirement.

88. I will cry faster at kindness than disparagement.

89. Once, when I was 15, I flew out of the back of a van which rolled off the side of a cloverleaf turn on the highway. The doors had been chained shut and the van had a trailer attached. I gently somersaulted to a stop in the grass on the side of the road. There wasn't a scratch on me.

* - Dramatic reenactment. But pretty durn close to reality.

90. I love creme soda. But I won't marry it, as it's unconstitutional in my state.

91. Yesterday, I watered my bedroom carpet by leaving the window open as I was watering the back yard with my sprinkler.

92. Keeping things neat and tidy is something at which I have to work.

93. I can personally recommend diet root beer as a Jack Daniels mixer.

94. I once won a free Jay and Silent Bob t-shirt at Kevin Smith's Secret Stash.

95. Speaking of that, I met Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Smith's wife and lots of other folk from his films back in 2003. I have pictures, and an album, but they haven't yet met each other.

96. I've also met Whitesnake and Joe Satriani.

97. I feel an "in harmony with the earth"-style satisfaction each time I chuck an empty glass bottle, steel can, or plastic container into my recycle bin. One could say I enjoy recycling.

98. As a teenager, my boyfriend and I would drive around in a '77 Thunderbird, picking up aluminum cans to trade in for cash. It doesn't seem economically sound, but his dad paid for gas.

99. That Thunderbird was fun to drive. It still occupies a soft spot in my cold, dead heart.

100. I am now officially bored of my self-absorbed drivel.

Thank you for your time, attention, and accolades.


defiant goddess said…
Kevin Smith SO rocks. He is one of my heroes.
Ari said…
As Silent Bob would say, Goddess:


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