Sunday, May 22, 2005

Launchcast Flips to the Dark Side

Round about song skip # 600... just a fair warning for those of you whom I may or may not have addicted to this programmable internet radio contraption.

After you flip carelessly through the 600th song in one month, it informs you that you've reached the end of the line, and unless you pay $2.50 per month, you will have to forfeit ALLL the programming you've done thus far in favor of about 7 preprogrammed stations. While this is marketing genius, it is also somewhat akin to telling a black tar heroin addict that from now on, lemon lollipops and the occasional Vivarin will have to do.

My response to its insolence?

Well, after a week of Jonesin' for My Sweet, Sweet Station I gave in and shucked over the $2.50/month.

So, lest you push the envelope one song too far, you're now armed with the truth.


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I appreciate the warning.

Ari said...

Check that... not a total do over. It remembered some things. Well worth the $2.50 for a music ho like myself. Just wish it'd export to the car.

Julie said...

Damn, I love the launch cast and list to it at work and at home, I should be reaching that level again.
Fuckin A,
That sucks ass

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