Well, I've been tagged by NH (of The Unseen Blogger fame) so here goes:

If I were a writer, I'd write fabulous, insightful books. Or movies maybe, which would be wildly imaginative (and hilarious no doubt). Or TV sitcoms that don't suck.

If I were a musician, I would usher in a new era of girl-rockin' the likes of which the planet has never seen, like Heart + Guns N Roses + Pat Benatar + Smashing Pumpkins. Yeah.

If I were a gardener, I'd plant a garden that was part Palace of Versailles, all neat and orderly, and part jungle, with lots of vines. I love vines. This garden of mine would most definitely have a koi pond, and secret passageways and grottos in which to hide.

If I was a psychologist, I'd invent a cure for being inconsiderate and use it to repair marriages, work relationships, bad shopping experiences, and general malaise around the globe. Or take on a famous, troubled client, and fancy myself like Dr. Melfi.

If I was a world famous blogger, I'd revolutionize the Internet with my babblings about drinking alone and naughty pugs, and I'd preach the message of 83% Buddhism to the ears of the world.

So now you know.


Kristine said…
I hate to intrude upon your solitude, but can I come live in your garden? I promise I'll pull weeds whenever I see them and I won't make much noise. Maybe I could be your resident hermit.
Azathoth said…
83% buddism eh? Well, I got the body down pat, does that count?
Ari said…
Sure, Kristine... I bet I wouldn't even notice. :)

And yep, Azathoth, 83%. At least according to highly credible internet quiz sources.... read more here and find out your own percentages. And never mind that satanist bit.

You already are a world-famous blogger. So let's hear more about Buddhism.
Ari said…
Hmm... Buddhism. Well, there's an 8 fold path involving right doings of various sorts, no micromanaging Godhead, lotsa brain teasers, deep breathing to sort things out, and just a general ignorement of the world and all it's bullshit. You might like it, Bug. :)
I FINALLY put up a link for you, or really to you, but whatever. I did it. Yey!!

You have to be happy now. Right now. Are you happy now? Good.
Ari said…
I am most definitely happy now. THANKS! :)

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