Great Catch Blues


What does it matter that you are a fish of great quality, if no one's fishing?

But then again, maybe that's an apt metaphor... maybe in the net, I'd be suffocated, trapped.

But maybe, on the other fin, I'd be happier swimming in my own little pond than here in the big wide ocean.
Anyway, now for some damned-helpful tips for you small fry.

What not to do in the great game of Plenty O' Fish In The Sea:

1) Have blackly regretful thoughts about the past, to which there is no returning, while the future just keeps on bearing down on you like Obi Wan on Anakin.
2) Try to "keep up" with people you once dated, as they may be tracking your IP address.
3) Write blogposts that are just lame fishing metaphors, drawing even more lamely upon your lack of meaningful posts (repeated quiz postings).

Ahem. Now back to our regularly scheduled pseudo-hilarity.


Ithiel said…
Sound advice, Ari. Definately guilty of 1, and lord help me if I become guilty of 2 or 3.

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