Drive-thru Flirtin'

Time: Yesterday, 4:00 p.m.

Place: Griff's, an all-too sparse Big D hamburger chain that makes cheap,
yummy fast food

Why: HAD to have a corn dog (insert weiner joke here)
What went down:
Drive-thru guy (young, male person, somewhat tough looking):
"What's that on your hand?"
Me (34, pale, on my way home from work -- decidedly not even anything approaching cool looking) :
"Oh, I just write stuff on it to remember."

DTG: "Oh, you got a bad memory?
M: "Yep."

DTG: "Been smokin too much reefer?"

M: "Nah, it's not that, I'm just gettin old." (thinking to self - not lately, don't tempt me)

DTG: "Well I'm just kiddin', I don't wanna get in trouble, I don't mean to say you smoke reefer... but maybe you do."
It is these side-dish situations, orders of fries to go along with the general meaning of existence, that produce questions that can never be answered. Was I being hit on? Was he selling drugs as a side business? Did the manager know? Or was it just inane commentary to alleviate hamburger-vending-induced boredom?
Oh, as a side note, coffee milk is listed up there at 10 cents.**picture of Griff's menu fro the 50s missing** What's a coffee milk in a modern translation? Starbucks Grande Latte. And it's $2.89 or something. And also, how did they decide that french fries were 11 cents, and not 10?
And finally, in case you were dangling in suspense, the corn dog was GREATNESS. But they don't give you mustard unless you ask.


Tiamat said…
I know what you mean...I drove through a McDonalds not too long ago and had a "kid" commenting on the color of my steering wheel cover. Later I realized he was a former student, but still. I stand firmly chastided at my lack of color coordination, that dresses down my "cool ride." I don't particularly find my beat up old Toyota to be a "cool ride," but you never know what looks awesome to a McDonald's clerk.

My thoughts on your situation? He was dealing. Or at least, using.
Ari said…
Well, come to think of it, by the looks of starry-eyed Griffy up there, maybe using is a requirement for working there?
Sly said…
Hehe... Well, was going to pop in with a useful factoid about the reason why stuff always ends in .99 was because it forced the cashier to open the register for change (and couldn't quickly hit No Sale and pocket some extra spending cash) but then I realized there isn't a 10 cent bill and had to throw that theory to the wind. Must have been a clever marketing technique (kind of like this place my ex's mom worked at that had "SPEED LIMIT 11 MILES AN HOUR" signs - because EVERYONE saw them and noticed them. And _I_ was the clever one to figure it out and explain it to everyone, and later have it confirmed by one of the maintenance gurus).

And he may not have been dealing, but it was most likely 4:20 at the drive-through line.....
Ari said…
Whoa... I think it WAS 4:20.

And I always thought things ended in .99 so that you would assume the price was the lower dollar amount, i.e. if something is 2.99, people often think to themselves, "OK, that's $2" rather than rounding it up to $3.

Or at least that's what I heard in marketing ed.
Wigwam Jones said…
They have a Griff's in Arvada, Colorado, where I lived for a number of years. 4 cheeseburgers for a buck. Well, that was in 1980. But those gut bombs sure were good.

Nobody comments on my potential reefer madness. Because I look like a psycho fed, I guess.
Pip said…
Mustard-hoarding bastards!

We shall wage holy war.

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