This is for my people

To all my dear, dear, readers:
I just want you all to know that, no, I am not trying to be a snotty bitch and not give you all propers. It's just I am failing the 2% rule with getting blogrolling rolling, despite the fact that I have enlisted at least 2 people's help and read the website.
That rule is: You must be 2% smarter than any problem you are trying to solve.
But I do, in fact, love you and cherish you, each and every one, and I do look forward to reading your every word, be it praise or destruction.
So please, I ask your patience.
::cue dramatic, orchestral music::
As God is my witness, I will get blogrolling working someday!


Jessica said…

I found a website the other day that does Hit/visit-counters too.

Hope this helps!
Julie said…
blog rolling sucks! did you ask burgman to help you, he is the one who set it up for me.
The Unseen One said…
E-mail me the list of blogs you want on your blogroll and I'll send you back the HTML, plus instructions on where to put it.
Julie said…
how sweet!
Ari said…
Huzzah, NH, huzzah!!! May your name live on in infamy! May your name be shouted by maidens scattering rose petals!! May your name be sung by turtledoves gliding through the air and nesting among the blossoms of cherry trees!! May your name... oh, wait.
Dr. T said…
So, did u have a good superbowl sunday at least?
Ari said…
I did indeed.
Dr. T said…
Glad to hear it. So did I. Probably the best superbowl sunday I've ever had
Holy chit! I feel your pain. I have been trying for 7 months to figure out how to post a pic on my blog. No luck.

That freggin' "Hello" program wasted an entire night of my life. WTF?

Don't feel bad.

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