Sunday, February 13, 2005

So apparently I'm not a David Lynch fan...

This weekend, I attempted to watch Mulholland Drive (partly because I remembered that Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers said somewhere that it was this amazing film).
Had to turn it off in the middle, though, because it's a 2 hour movie, and by one hour in, I only knew 2 sentences of plot: 1. A girl has amnesia and she's hiding out in someone's house she doesn't know. 2. She has a lot of money and a weird key in her purse. Needless to say, the feel of the thing was s---l---o---w 'n' creepy.
Oh, and there were some side scenes about a movie director and a sinister, Big Brother type guy, and a crazy guy who was seeing sasquatch things, and the sasquatch thing was really scary looking (think nasty, filthy, dead/Rob Zombie/caveman/sasquatch type monster with dark brown dreadlocks and spooky green eyes).
In the scene, i
t was like this guy was talking to his psychologist at this Denny's type restaurant about this dream he had about the Denny's type place 2 times, and he went to in real life to see that the thing wasn't there, and then it was, but of course the psychologist didn't see it, and the man did and he fainted. So it was like some unrelated Tales from the Darkside thing in the middle of a slowass plot... AND it popped out from behind a dumpster after this really big buildup and scared me a LOT and now I keep thinking about it even though I am really not 4 years old. (Yes, Blog Family, now you know that I am a complete baby about things that are even slightly scary, and that my mind is as impressionable as a lump of clay.)
Eventually, I just decided that I had lost too much interest, and I: a. didn't give a shit what happened to the girl anymore, and b. really did NOT want to see that THING again.
So I bailed out of it. Sue me.
Oh, and Anthony Kiedis, that is the last time I take movie recommendations from you.


Julie said...

I thought it sucked too, I watched the whole thing and never did figure out what the hell it was about, I was even more confused w/ the ending parts. It freaked me out! LOL

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

One thing I can't stand is an artsy movie that makes no sense, goes nowhere and resolves nothing.

Good thing I wasn't born in Europe.

the spy in the sandwich said...

the three of you don't get it. your narrative thinking is so linear, that's why you got confused. you are supposed to see the movie the way you would a dream. remember dreams don't make linear sense once you wake up and your ego (the conscious self) takes over. but when you were dreaming it, man, what a ride.

Ari said...

Well, ok. But dreams often lack a clear storyline or engaging plot. But then, they don't need one... because you're a captive audience.

I, however, wasn't for this film. And thankfully so.

Ari said...

And I, I should note, am NOT an enemy of artsy fartsy films, necessarily. But they have to keep my interest somehow.

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