Oh yeah, I forgot that intolerance still exists...

K, so I'm still navigating the choppy seas o' dating in my intrepid, half of a whiskey barrel vessel of LUV, and I occasionally (ok, a LOT) run aground.
The other day, I met this guy online and we traded phone numbers so we could talk before setting a date.
No, actually, as I recall, we had already set up an initial meeting. He said he didn't dance, but would if someone would show him how. I stupidly? replied to this, "Well, if I go dancing, it's usually to a gay bar, with my gay friends." I really thought nothing of saying this, as none of my friends have a problem with gay people. (My mom, however, said, "Don't be telling people that!! No wonder he dumped you!! -- Rabidly fundamentalist or off kilter much, Mom??)
But later, I could sense that he'd cooled off about meeting me, and he stated that we were "just different." "Was it the gay bar thing?" I asked him. "Yeah," he said. So it was goodbye and good riddance from that moment on.
Sometimes I forget that I am surrounded by tolerant, non-superficial type people, and that there are still plenty of intolerant folk in the world.


Ari said…
Oh, and in other news, that guy also had married some Thai woman who apparently "just went right back to Thailand after graduation"... and I remarked to him at that point, "Sounds like you got shat upon." Why didn't I run away then? :)
Badpuppy said…
I told you I didn't like him when you first told me about him. You should trust the intuition of your young hot fabulous extremely gay friend.

There are benefits of having a gay, aside from fashion advice.
Ari said…
Yes, naughty pup, but you don't like anyone. And START YOUR FUCKIN' BLOG ALREADY!! :)
Julie said…
What a looser, better to find out now than invest anymore time in his stupid closed minded bastard assface. I would think most people would be more enlighted by now, but unfortnately people are still idiots.
That guy sounds like a prick. You saved yourself some trouble.
defiant goddess said…
The best time I've ever had at a club was at a gay bar. And I'm straight. Or am I? :)

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