!! NEW !! Challenge of the Week

Only for oldsters!!
Work the words "Barney Miller" into a conversation... think it can't be done? Ohh, I've already done it, my friends.
CplKlinger: I also watch MASH...talk about old school
arisnow8 : lol
arisnow8 : that is old
arisnow8 : next you're gonna be saying you like Barney Miller
arisnow8 : heheheh
CplKlinger: have not seen that one in a long time
Also, it doesn't matter what week it is... even if it's months later, still do it and report back. There is no expiration date on fun.
(Messenger names that aren't mine have been changed to protect the guilty.)


Ari said…
Another challenge idea: How many blog posts can you make in one day? :)
Ari said…
Revamp: How many non-stupefyingly boring blog posts can you make in one day?
Wow, what a challenge. How do you think of those?
Ari said…
Well, actually I kinda cheated on the first one because I had already done it. :)

The other 2 just came to me.

Or was that sarcastic? hehe
Julie said…
I always like your posts.
I remember barny miller. do you rembember taxi?
Ari said…
OH definitely!! It was one of those less-liked shows that came after Three's Company in my afterschool viewing. :)
cslewisfan221 said…
Apparently, there are Narnia Events going on all over the country that are movie "sneek peeks". I just found some information at Narnia Resources

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