Le Jeu de les Livres (Book Game)

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.

Here's mine:

They hadn't even known for certain (as the Witch did) that this is what would happen when Aslan came to Narnia. But they all knew that it was her spells which had produced the endless winter; and therefore they all knew when this magic spring began that something had gone wrong, and badly wrong, with the Witch's schemes. And after the thaw had been going on for some time they all realized that the Witch would no longer be able to use her sledge.

BONUS POINTS: From what tome do these fair sentences hail?

(p.s. I stole this from another blogger... find him at http://www.osbasso.blogspot.com/)


Dr. T said…
Yours is "The CHronicles of Narnia" . Here's mine (remember, it's the closest book):

"The following paragraphs outline a few results.
"Single-layer networks with linear outputs implement linear fuctions and minimum-MSE linear regression has a quadratic error surface with a single minimum so one might guess that single-layer networks do not have local minima. This ignores effects of the node nonlinearity."
Ari said…
Correct!! Your prize is the shiny virtue of knowing something.

And what are "linear fuctions" anyway???
Ari said…
Well, half correct actually... which volume of the Chronicles?
Dr. T said…
or how about another one, less close to me:

"I told myself that at bottom we were two of a kind, and that the presence or simply the mentioning of either of her girlfriends was enough, coming at the crucial instant, to incline her to 'dreaming'. At five o'clock that afternoon she admitted me to the mysteries within the 'golden gate', and it was not until three in the morning that the rites ended and the gate closed. Lulu, who served us and whom we invited to join us, asked me, the next day, what had got us into such a state.
Dr. T said…
now we're getting tricky... "THe Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe"?
Dr. T said…
"It was she who opened my eyes, not only to the world of art but to other things as well. I fell in love with her, of course. How could I not do so?"
Dr. T said…
"They are drinking Victory Punch, compounded of paregoric, Spanish Fly, heavy black rum, Napoleon brandy and canned heat. THe punch is served from a great, hollow, gold baboon, crouched in snarling terror, snapping at a spear in his side. You twist the baboon's balls and punch runs out his cock."
Dr. T said…
"A novel?" asked Banaka disapprovingly.
Bibi corrected herself evasively: "It won't necessarily be a novel."
"Just think about what a novel is," said Banaka.
Dr. T said…
"We can have no idea of how horrible these devils are. Saint Catherine of Siena once saw a devil and she has written that, rather than look again for one single instant on such a frightful monster, she would prefer to walk until the end of her life along a track of red coals. These devils, who were once beautiful angels, have become as hideous and ugly as they once were beautiful."
Dr. T said…
"The statues of Mars, of Minerva, and of Liberty will be set up in the most conspicuous places in the villages; holidays will be celebrated there every year; the prize will be decreed to the worthiest citizen. At the entrance to a secluded wood, Venus, Hymen, and Love, erected beneath a rustic temple, will receive lovers' homages; there, by the hand of the Graces, Beauty will crown Constancy. More than mere loving will be required in order to pose one's candidacy for the tiara; it will be necessary to have merited love."
Ari said…
Now you're just showing off, Dr. T. You just have to show off your DR.-ness, don't you?!?!

And yes I did just make that up, and before you ask to see it, I've got my poetic license right here.

However, you didn't ever explain what linear fucktions are.
Dr. T said…
a linear function is a program that does things one after another, as opposed to neural nets, which are parallel functions, processing things in parallel, and thus, nonlinearly, creating strange attractors. Clear things up? :-)
Dr. T said…
since there is no 123 in this work, since there is a chapter break, I will post the next page, where it begins...

"True, it is fucking, but the difference between that way of doing it and the way it should be done, is lie the difference between a child's fist drawing and a picture by the world's greatest painter. Therefore, this book is necessary, and if followed closely by any couple, will enable them to enjoy sexual pleasures they had not even dreamed possible before. THis book is a complete manual on sexual indulgence between man and woman."
Ari said…

No, not at all.

You need to hone your pedagoguery, and watch the demagoguery, I daresay.
Dr. T said…
oh well. guess I shouldn't have picked up the book cloest to me. Perhaps do have to work on the pedagoguery. Now as for the demagoguery... how am I an unelected opinion-giver? I'm confused.
Dr. T said…
BTW the last book, that wasn't on 123, was from a book by the French writer Anais Nin
Anonymous said…
"... But even if we were Simon-pure North European stock (a silly notion, casual bastardry is far in excess of that ever admitted)-- but if we were, such ancestry would merely tell us which cannibals we are descended from... because every branch of the human race has cannibalism. Duke, it's silly to talk about a practice being 'against instinct' when hundreds of millions have followed it."
"But-- All right, I should know better than to argue with you, Jubal; you twist things. But suppose we did come from savages who didn't know any better-- what of it?"

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