Laissez les blogtemps roulez!

Finally I can pay tribute to those who have read my drivel in the best way possible: small pink lettering!!
I'd like the thank the academy (NH, Jess and Julie) for all their assistance. I now have a shaky, bandy-legged understanding of HTML which is about as steady as a newborn fawn.
But like said fawn, it is new, cute and alive. Let's hope it grows and prospers from here.
Thanks again for reading!!


Dr. T said…
I'm tickled pink at all the pink -- pink as your inner pinkness. Pinker than a pinky toe. Pinker than Steven Pinker. Pinker than an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow and pink polka dot bikini.
Ari said…
Dr. T is dirty.
Dr. T said…
now what is dirty about what I posted? It's a celebration of pinkness! :-) And I really don't think mentioning a linguist such as Pinker is dirty in the least. :-)
Ari said…
Only you would blatantly deny the mention of a cunning linguist, particularly one named Steven Pinker, as being dirty.
Dr. T said…
I never said he was a cunning linguist -- I have no knowledge of the sort. Now as for myself... ;-) But of course, I suppose such things should be told by those who have expereinced what a cunning linguist such as myself has to offer. It is the audience that matters in such cases.
Julie said…
You did great, thank you for listing my blog. If you want to add a blog stat counter (which is really cool) let me know and I'll tell you how, it's really easy.
Ari said…
I should! It's exciting!! :)
Well, you sure are welcome. Same to you.
Jessica said…

That's so great that you figured out how to do it. I love the feeling of figuring out something that I'm complete clueless about.

Thanks for adding me to your list.
Julie said…
click on my 'bravenet' thing or the 'counter' thing and they will take you to a website where they will give you a code to paste into your template. I pasted mine right above my links b/c I'm stupid and that seemed the easist way, I also did a preview before I changed it to make sure. I love the blog counter b/c you can see who all visits your blog. let me know if you have questions.

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