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Fair Weather Fan

I'll turn the TV on, but I'll walk away.
I might seem to be doing other things, but from afar, nonchalant, refresh the page.
With a pessimistic twinge, I'll listen to the cheering and the roars of the crowd.
A drink of water summons me if they get too loud.

If they ask me who I like, I might say, "I dunno, really."
I won't wear the colors, nor at parties drink beer from pails
But in my heart, my hope for you never fails
You turn bad vibes to good, to fuel the cheer of a whole city.

Real fans sit close and watch the carnage when you stumble, trip, and fall.
They'd disparage me, say I don't care at all.
But if I watch, powerless, as you falter
Your missteps turn to mine, face hot with shame, my whole perception altered
To watch you fail dumps poison in my veins.
I keep in sun; I can't abide the rain.


"I'm not unfaithful, but I'll stray." - Tegan and Sara