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Tweet to Armageddon

On the occasion of 10,000 tweets, August 8, 2011:

As Vladimir said to Estragon, “Is Godot gonna show, or are we waitin’ for the bomb?”
Estragon replied, “Vlad, I don’t know, didn’t the wall fall down many years ago?”
“And what can we do, in this globe-warmed typhoon,
To pass the time while we wait for our doom?”
Vlad, thumbs a-flying on touchscreen sweet
Fired up his wit and answered in tweets:
“Swap hats, eat carrots, affirm through the day
Anything to hold the terrible silence at bay.”
“Not this evening, but surely tomorrow
Prayer meetings and teabags will trouble borrow.”
“From your bank accounts downturns continue to suck,
Clutch your Cold War Certificate and cover and duck.”
“I know as a toddler you learned to berate
‘Cause on your mama’s lap you watched Watergate.”
“Against all manner of toil, death, and woe,
We still keep waiting for our personal Godot!”
“But Est: No matter what is comin’ to destroy ya,
Let the gypsies sing out HOYA PARANOIA.
Until the cure arriv…