Was it just me?

It's rare I run across dweebuses of this magnitude, even online, as I avoid forums, bridges, and billy goats, in order to avoid annoyance at meeting trolls.

Caspar: Hello there, Violet. I saw you on the "brains and curves" group. Nice to see someone literate.
[19:44] Caspar: although I can't abide music, to be honest.
[19:44] Violet: hoo me?
[19:44] Violet: You can't abide it?
[19:45] Caspar: Nor can I abide people who repeat what I very clearly just said, or part thereof, and add a question mark to the end, expecting some sort of response.
[19:45] Caspar: Thanks for your time, and I wish you all the best, truly.
[19:46] Violet: Well, telling me you hate something I clearly love isn't a good way to make introductions...
[19:47] Violet: I am literate, but I have my biases as anyone else.
[19:47] Violet: Also, a rather overdeveloped sense of humor.
[19:47] Caspar: No, honesty is a terrible policy, clearly.
[19:47] Caspar: You'd rather I bullshitted about how much I adore music. Fair enough.
[19:47] Violet: You are a ray of sunshine, clearly.
[19:47] Violet: I didn't say I adore bullshit.
[19:48] Caspar: I happen to know a great deal about music, and many other things, but I can't stand the sort of pointless arguments where everyone turns purple and nobody changes their mind, which is the way you people tend to go with your endless "which is the best album ever made?" nonsense
[19:48] Caspar: and I tend to avoid conflict, if I can.
[19:48] Caspar: Which is odd, since I actually like ladies who can kick ass.
[19:48] Violet: You people? I am not a people. I am a person.
[19:49] Violet: There's no way to tell which is the best album, book, painting, or otherwise, as it's completely subjective.
[19:49] Caspar: NO?? ?
[19:49] Caspar makes note
[19:49] Violet: Did you start this conversation because you were feeling crotchety?
[19:49] Caspar: I'm never "crotchety" if I am online. If I get "crotchety", I log off. I don't understand people
[19:49] Caspar: ..who don't
[19:50] Violet: Why are you putting a perfectly good word into quotation marks?
[19:50] Violet thinks to herself how this is getting more amusing all the time.
[19:50] Caspar: I'm glad you're "amused".
[19:51] Violet sighs.
[19:51] Caspar also emotes, equally vapidly
[19:52] Violet makes a list of her new classifications: you people, bullshit lover, vapid
[19:53] Caspar: ..if the cap fits...
[19:54] Violet: I think I understand. It must be your aim to be offensive and arrogant. If so, objective attained. A few books have been written about hubris. Perhaps you should delve into those, o literate one.
[19:55] Caspar: Not at all. I am not offensive. You are the one who whined at me for being honest.
[19:55] Caspar: As for "arrogant", only arrogant people call other people "arrogant"
[19:55] Violet: I didn't whine. I too was honest.
[19:55] Caspar: that's an actual fact.
[19:55] Caspar: Hubris means "pride". I don't see how that applies to me.
[19:56] Violet: Well, you wouldn't, would you?
[19:56] Caspar: wouldn't, would you?
[19:56] Caspar: See how pointless and retarded that is?
[19:57] Violet: If you are prideful, by nature you wouldn't understand how prideful you are. If you think that's retarded, you lack the ability to see your own faults, further proving my point.
[19:57] Caspar: It's like you've known me all my life! It's uncanny!
[19:58] Caspar: can you give me this week's winning lottery numbers?
[19:58] Violet: If you truly believe that announcing to someone that you "can't abide" something they adore within 30 seconds of sending a random IM is the way to make friends, well... you need to attend charm school or something.
[20:00] Caspar: No, I am not interested in making "friends" on second life. I am just here to chat and have fun.
[20:02] Violet: Amended: If you truly believe that announcing to someone that you "can't abide" something they adore within 30 seconds of sending a random IM is the way to chat successfully, well... you need to attend charm school or something.
[20:02] Caspar: Okay, I fucking love music. It's the greatest ever. You heard that great song "Friday"? It's wonderful. You love it, because you "love music", and I love it too, cos it's great!
[20:03] Caspar: Now let's be best buddies, you utterly broadminded sweetheart, you.
[20:03] Violet: Wow.
[20:03] Violet: You're a teeny tiny little soul, huh?
[20:03] Caspar : Why? Because I love music?
[20:04] Violet : No, because you think someone who loves music is broadminded, and assume that their greatest love would be some foolish internet ditty written by a mere girl.
[20:04] Caspar : No, you think everyone should "love music", just because you do.
[20:05] Violet : Did I say that?
[20:05] Violet : What's something you love?
[20:05] Caspar : I like strong ladies.
[20:05] Caspar : How old are you?
[20:06] Violet : Very old. Ancient, even.
[20:06] Caspar : Oh, older women are pretty cool. I'm 35. Well, according to my mother.
[20:06] Violet : Seriously?
[20:06] Violet : I would've guessed like 19. You tilt at windmills pretty good.
[20:07] Caspar : "like 19"
[20:07] Caspar : and you mean "pretty well".
[20:07] Caspar : How old are you?
[20:07] Violet : Old. Way old.
[20:08] Violet : And I'm from Texas. I choose to speak culturally.
[20:08] Caspar : How old is "way old" ?
[20:09] Violet : Carbon dating would be required.
[20:09] Caspar : Ah, but ashamed to say the number
[20:09] Caspar : understood.
[20:09] Caspar : No need to be. it's just an age.
[20:11] Violet : Why do you want to know?
[20:12] Caspar : I'm just curious
[20:12] Violet : That's a good thing, except when it isn't.
[20:12] Caspar : You're always witty, except when you're not.
[20:14] Caspar : So, very old, can't kick ass, loves music...hmmmm
[20:15] Violet : Ray of sunshine gets brighter and more sparkly!
[20:15] Violet : How do you know I can't kick ass?
[20:16] Caspar : If you could, you would have proudly said how old you are. Odd, how those two things go together. I've been around a while, and i can tell these things.
[20:16] Caspar : Some things are utterly consistent, always.
[20:16] Violet : Your negativity within the confines of this conversation, for instance.
[20:17] Caspar : One of the reasons I ask for age is because I find the confident, unrestrained, fun people have no problem at all saying how old they are. I don't actually care WHAT age someone is, as long as they are 18+, but the fact that someone is too embarrassed or ashamed to say so tells me...a lot about them
[20:17] Caspar : and one thing it tells me is that they are naturally very shy.
[20:17] Caspar : and self-conscious
[20:17] Caspar : and undisciplined
[20:19] Violet : Let's see: wrong, sometimes, and yes.
[20:19] Caspar : Indeed. And no arse-kicker, eh? :P
[20:21] Violet : Again: how do you know?
[20:21] Violet : By what criteria do you judge my ability to ass kick?
[20:21] Caspar : I already explained.
[20:21] Caspar : and I've invited you to contradict me. And you have not done so.
[20:22] Violet : By willingness to admit one's age?
[20:22] Caspar : circumstantial evidence.
[20:22] Violet : I'll just say this. It's a good thing you're out of arm's reach, because Violet and violent are but one letter apart.
[20:23] Caspar : well, Dash and dash are no letters apart
[20:23] Caspar smirks
[20:23] Caspar : Ya gotta admit, that's a good one ;-)
[20:23] Violet : I admit nothing.
[20:24] Caspar : violent, eh? A fighter, or just a bitchslapper?
[20:26] Violet : No slapping here.
[20:26] Caspar : Listen, do you want a conversation, or not?
[20:26] Caspar : if so, please try and have one
[20:26] Caspar : if not, I shall move on.
[20:27] Caspar: it's entirely up to you and I am not particularly bothered either way.
[20:28] Violet: What do you define as a conversation? Not saying anything of which you disapprove?
[20:28] Caspar: It means cutting out the passive aggression, the meaningless responses, the bad attitude.
[20:28] Caspar: Again, it's up to you, but I feel I am wasting my time here.
[20:28] Caspar: I'll try one more time: what do you mean when you claim to be a fighter?
[20:29] Violet: I don't give in easily.
[20:30] Caspar : it's not about "giving in", it's about having a conversation like two adult human beings.
[20:30] Caspar : Clearly that is something you are incapable of doing.
[20:30] Caspar : No wonder you "love music" so much. You sure don't think much of people.
[20:30] Violet : That's probably true.


Wigwam Jones said…
I hope you were being patient for the grins. This guy has the "I live in my mom's basement" whiff about him.
Reese said…
Best IM ever.

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