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Was it just me?

It's rare I run across dweebuses of this magnitude, even online, as I avoid forums, bridges, and billy goats, in order to avoid annoyance at meeting trolls.

Caspar: Hello there, Violet. I saw you on the "brains and curves" group. Nice to see someone literate.
[19:44] Caspar: although I can't abide music, to be honest.
[19:44] Violet: hoo me?
[19:44] Violet: You can't abide it?
[19:45] Caspar: Nor can I abide people who repeat what I very clearly just said, or part thereof, and add a question mark to the end, expecting some sort of response.
[19:45] Caspar: Thanks for your time, and I wish you all the best, truly.
[19:46] Violet: Well, telling me you hate something I clearly love isn't a good way to make introductions...
[19:47] Violet: I am literate, but I have my biases as anyone else.
[19:47] Violet: Also, a rather overdeveloped sense of humor.
[19:47] Caspar: No, honesty is a terrible policy, clearly.
[19:47] Caspar: You'd rather I bullshitted about how…

Sitting in the Past

In the new place
Decorated like the old place
Another world, another distinction, distillation
A birthday party
Formal gowns swirling, pixelated tuxes, faces

You and I
We knew the secret.
"Those days will never return," I said.
"I would say we didn't know how awesome it was. But I think we did. We stood outside the bullshit and we looked in and we knew. Sorry, don't know why I got in a sentimental mood all of a sudden. It's like we're sitting in the past."
"It'll pass," you said, "if you hold real still.


This is, for me, the essence of true romance. - Becker, Fagen