The Sisterhood?

I was reading this morning in a newly arrived issue of Glamour, which I never ordered but which replaced the dear departed Domino, where Wendy Williams (a member of the growing number of People Who I Don't Know Who They Are, as opposed to Wendy O. Williams, who I do know who was) advises us to, "Believe in the sisterhood," i.e. not all other women want your man, job, etc.

I very much enjoy being a girl, do not mistake me, but I've never been a joiner or a sorority member. Nor do I believe that all other women want what I have. I'm capable of being catty and snarky, but not so much that I have to urge myself to stop doing so and subscribe to some credo of togetherness. So the only slogan I can offer is this:

The sisterhood: blood and holes unite us.


"I got all my sisters and me." -- Sister Sledge (but ironically composed by TWO DUDES, Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers!!)


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