Hell (of a) Week

pretty shitty this week
but I'm alive

Oh dear
What happened?
omg do you really want to know the whole string of events? haha
it's nuts
one of my student's mom passed away
my heating and a/c broke, was fixed, broke again and is now fixed again
(yay for that one)
I got sick
went to the dr for that

oh yuch
had to take my dog to the vet, the vet got sick, so had to reschedule, go in today to find out my pug has lost his sight completely, no idea why,doing blood work, probably not going to regain
anddddd i had a huge filling pop out while I was flossing in the car and spent all day yesterday getting a root canal
you can't make this shit up

Never rains but it pours
Are you still sick?
getting better
today I was taking vicodin for tooth pain but it made me so nauseous I actually barfed so off that
but tooth isnt that bad hurting
so that's good!
all this mess has cost like $1000 so far

thankfully, next week is spring break
you'll need that to recover
right on


"I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one." -- Jay Z


BrideOfPorkins said…

*gives you a box of hug cookies*
Wigwam Jones said…
Yeah, that was a tough one. Good thing you kept your sense of humor!
Azathoth100 said…
Hope the week ends on a better note..
Andrew Pfaff said…
Hugs and sympathy for you!
gigi said…
wow... so much for the Spring Break recovery, huh? Major (((hugs)))
8787 said…
I love readding, and thanks for your artical. ........................................
Ari said…
The fucked up thing is, after this, my sister went into the hospital (thankfully she's ok now). And I lost my keys. It never rains....
Troy Camplin said…
poor puppy! (poor you, too)

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