Saturday, November 22, 2008

Garnier Lisa

O Garnier Lisa

Thy slightly bemused face shines out

From under gently cocooning flatironed tresses

Of Macadamia # 90

Without thy cornflower blue eyes

And thy Nearly Nude lips apainted

How would I find the searing chemicals I require

To make my own locks this Light Natural Blonde

Not too light yet not too dark

Among the myriad types at Walgreen's

Or at CVS?

Truly, I pray,

N'er shall come the day

When Garnier finds you too 2006

And updates yours

To some other visage, strange and unfamiliar

Causing me to hunt and scrabble, dark roots overlong,

Perhaps finding nothing.


p.s. I have so missed you all. I have been sucked into the dark, yet delicious underworld of the MMORPG, job changes, and finishing up a master's degree. They have sapped me, yet I hope to restore my blogging work to its former glory soon (probably not much of a stretch....). Kisses!

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