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Garnier Lisa

O Garnier Lisa

Thy slightly bemused face shines out

From under gently cocooning flatironed tresses

Of Macadamia # 90

Without thy cornflower blue eyesAnd thy Nearly Nude lips apaintedHow would I find the searing chemicals I requireTo make my own locks this Light Natural BlondeNot too light yet not too darkAmong the myriad types at Walgreen'sOr at CVS?
Truly, I pray,N'er shall come the dayWhen Garnier finds you too 2006And updates yoursTo some other visage, strange and unfamiliarCausing me to hunt and scrabble, dark roots overlong,Perhaps finding nothing.-------------------------------p.s. I have so missed you all. I have been sucked into the dark, yet delicious underworld of the MMORPG, job changes, and finishing up a master's degree. They have sapped me, yet I hope to restore my blogging work to its former glory soon (probably not much of a stretch....). Kisses!