Seeds of Rebellion

I live near the police station of my town.

This evening, a beautiful evening with the sun slanting its golden rays through my open car windows, I was driving around, long hair flying, lipstick on, sunglasses on, listening to Sublime's song, "Get Ready."

Interestingly, the way I timed it, it took just the perfect amount of time to leave the gas station, cross the parking lots and be passing right in front of the police station as Bradley is wailing,

"Load up the bong!

Crank up the song!

Let the informer call 911!

Load up the bong!

Crank up the song!

Let the informer call 911!"

Why I do these things, I don't know.


Wigwam Jones said…
You are clearly a wild thing, destined to leave a scorched path across society such that even in generations to come, people mention your name and say, "Dude!"

I found that in a fortune cookie, but it seems more appropriate for you, so I'm passing it on.
Ari said…
The really stupid part is that I neither load up bongs, crank up songs (generally speaking, unless I'm in my car well away from others) or give informers cause to dial 911. Yet something in the song still speaks to some kind of druggie miscreant band member within? Odd.
Amandarama said…
It must have been fate. Perhaps even destiny. Yes. I'm sure that must be it.
Ari said…
It wasn't fate so much as a planned event, Amanda. Maybe that counts as destiny.
Ari said…
Also, the song is not called that. It is called, "Get Ready."

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