Mystical Lineage

Sure, you know and I know that astrology is dumb. I know that I am risking being labeled as a DBB* for even posting this. But I still go here and check compatibility with people I'm interested in, just for fun alright??? I'm not saying I run my life by it, or that I read the daily newspaper horoscopes (I think those are made up and shite, incidentally -- oh, the irony). It's just fun, kind of like people watching. Predicting what will and won't be true. So I'm nosy and interested in people's characteristics.

It's not my fault really. My mom kept a stack of books of all sorts, but namely Linda Goodman's Sun Signs and a whole bunch of cheaper offshoots lying around. She read them, analyzed everyone we knew according to them, from my youth to my middle age, and passed her knowledge on to me. I studied with the diligence of an acolyte.

As for my dad, not only had he listened to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon countless times and taken my sister and I on a "spiritual journey" in the car on the way to Six Flags (clouds of fragrant smoke were involved.... musta been incense), but he became deeply involved in other consciousness-raising activities later on. He was also a devotee of Edgar Cayce and advised me in his last letter on earth that we are all on a journey to pay karmic debt (which I sometimes think is true).

How could they help it, though? My mother was a Cancer and my father a Scorpio, and everyone knows water signs are mystical.

* -- Dumb Bitch Blogger

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"I've seen the needle and the damage done/A little part of it in everyone/But every junkie's like a setting sun..."
-- N. Young


zen wizard said…
Well, I used to believe in feng shui, until I spent 10k in redecorating my apartment to "enhance my prospertiy" and ended up at Consumer Credit Counseling because I had spent so much money "enhancing my prosperty."

So far be it from me to criticize any belief system that anyone else has.
Ari said…
ZW: That sounds like the subplot of a sitcom! I went to CCCS when I was a wee whelp of 19-20 or so. I don't think they did a damn thing to help, really.
random moments said…
I'm all about checking my horoscope and compatability too - its just interesting! (And girlie fun too.)
Ari said…
RM: That it is. I've had some guys I've dated react like I was reading chicken bones or something tho... :)
zen wizard said…
I must admit, I still read, Free Will Astrology.

Of course, my job is so boring I would read Mein Kampf if I could find it for free on the Internet.
BrideOfPorkins said…
Ah, Linda Goodman. Our copy of Love Signs snuck into my bookcase years ago, and I used to read it every time I met new people or made up characters (more often it was for characters). She had quotes from Peter Pan for each match, and Cancer/Gemini's was,

"'Mind you, I am not sure that we have a drawing room, but we pretend we have, and it's all the same. Hoop la!'

"He went off dancing....and they all cried 'Hoop la!' and danced after him, searching for the drawing room; and I forget whether they found it, but at any rate they found corners, and they all fitted in."

And that pretty much summed me and someone I knew at the time so well it was freaky.

I'm...uh...subscribed to five horoscopes. Oddly, The Onion's seems to be closest to what goes on in my week.
Ari said…
BOP: Those yellowed pages fascinated me. I remember the quotes now, too.
Wigwam Jones said…
I confess - my mom had that book too, and yes, I read it. AND I was a reader on about anything metaphysical I could get my hands on from an early age, from Blavatsky to Cayce to Hurkos to The Amazing Kreskin.

And I'm a Cancer. Act like it, too. I guess. Mrs. Wiggy is a Pisces. We get along great! But I hate seafood.
Ari said…
That book probably had more influence on current society than anyone knows. Thanks for commenting!

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