Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Latest

Being the latest is capital when you're on television or vinyl, but being befuddled
and all a-muddled, so entrenched in a puddle of your own morning stupor that you go three miles east when half a mile west was the required span,

And in east Dallas, down in the grove you drove and drove
Turning and turning to find your way back to the hackensack street
That you somehow went past in your lack of directional aptitude.
Finally back on track, not intending to slack
but time keeps on slippin', your lid is flippin' thinkin' of how an H street
Can turn into a B avenue in your mind's eye and in your eye's mind, even though you checked it time and another time, thinking it fine.

You can't turn left on the one way H so you make your way
down to another rue name of C, now you really gotta pee
but soldier on you must for in work we trust, even if only to pay the wage.
Cursing advancing age, you go past the churches and carnicerias, old ladies and all the taquerias down rue C until you can go back to the northness of H that you require, thankful not to burst a tire in all this poorly maintained pavement down here in the down part of town.

Finally pulling the waspmobile hybrid riceburner into the pothole pocked spot, you schlep your bulk along at a moderate hustle toward the hunk of metal and glass offering rent on the cheap to schooling institutions, shuffling on the cracked sidewalk where crabgrass grows jungle lush like untrimmed brush through the three inch gaps in grey, past the poorer folk than you on the other side of the street.

Finally you ease yourself through the glass and metal portal, slightly ajar, sign on the line, wave at the receptionist who used to work with you but doesn't anymore onto the elevator, surrounded in brown, taking a deep elevator air breath to brace for saving face when you are the latest, latest, latest one at the meeting.


"Turn it around, baby." -- 4 Strings

Monday, March 10, 2008

Mystical Lineage

Sure, you know and I know that astrology is dumb. I know that I am risking being labeled as a DBB* for even posting this. But I still go here and check compatibility with people I'm interested in, just for fun alright??? I'm not saying I run my life by it, or that I read the daily newspaper horoscopes (I think those are made up and shite, incidentally -- oh, the irony). It's just fun, kind of like people watching. Predicting what will and won't be true. So I'm nosy and interested in people's characteristics.

It's not my fault really. My mom kept a stack of books of all sorts, but namely Linda Goodman's Sun Signs and a whole bunch of cheaper offshoots lying around. She read them, analyzed everyone we knew according to them, from my youth to my middle age, and passed her knowledge on to me. I studied with the diligence of an acolyte.

As for my dad, not only had he listened to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon countless times and taken my sister and I on a "spiritual journey" in the car on the way to Six Flags (clouds of fragrant smoke were involved.... musta been incense), but he became deeply involved in other consciousness-raising activities later on. He was also a devotee of Edgar Cayce and advised me in his last letter on earth that we are all on a journey to pay karmic debt (which I sometimes think is true).

How could they help it, though? My mother was a Cancer and my father a Scorpio, and everyone knows water signs are mystical.

* -- Dumb Bitch Blogger

(You can get those magnets at by the way.)


"I've seen the needle and the damage done/A little part of it in everyone/But every junkie's like a setting sun..."
-- N. Young

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Chicken Rice-a-Roni Dish

Hello and welcome to our mostly affiliated with a holiday except this time recipe feature.

Today's recipe is the creatively titled CHICKEN RICE-A-RONI DISH! It was one of the few surviving recipes that my mom made consistently over time. I have no idea where she got this recipe, but she did not make it in my childhood. She began making it in my teens I think.

Before she passed away, I had started to collect her recipes as she made them.
Traditional Southern staples such as fried chicken or roast (she never called it pot roast -- it was just roast) were all cooked from her culinary knowledge and never written down. Foolishly, I thought that there was a treasure trove of eating goodness in her rooster-emblazoned recipe box, but I never checked and discovered later to my deep chagrin that it was mostly full of stuff I'd never eaten. This one, though less significant, managed to survive -- rather like a pair of fossilized chopsticks found on a hunt for Ming vases -- useful, but not the creme de la creme. Still, here it is.


You will need:
1 box chicken flavor Rice-a-Roni (use real butter in preparation)
4 chicken breasts
1 cup celery, chopped fine
6 green onions, chopped fine
1 jar marinated artichokes (tender parts only -- reserve 2 tbsp marinade)
1 small jar Hellmann's mayonnaise

Note: Best made a day ahead

Cook Rice-a-Roni according to package directions. After cooking, set aside to cool completely. When cool, transfer to a large mixing bowl. At the same time, cook chicken breasts (cover with water and 2 tsp salt -- water should be about 2 inches over chicken). Bring breasts to boil, then lower heat to avoid them getting tough. Large breasts can be cut into smaller pieces to reduce cooking time. When chicken is done, set aside to cool completely and cube.

Peel celery and chop fine, chop onions fine, cut up artichoke hearts. Add chopped chicken and all chopped vegetables to the Rice-a-Roni in the large bowl. Add mayonnaise and
2 tbsp of reserved artichoke marinade, stir together and season to taste with lemon pepper. Refrigerate an hour or more before serving. Delicious with sliced tomatoes and fresh French bread.

This is a great summer dish, but I made it in winter and it tasted just as good. Due to the high mayonnaise content, a serving size is probably 1/4 cup but that didn't stop me from eating a whole cereal bowl full just now. If you do have tomatoes on the side, sprinkle some lemon pepper on the top for an extra taste sensation. Enjoy!

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