Things I Never Thought I'd Have to Say to Them

(third graders, that is)

These are the new lunch policies, from now until THE END OF THE YEAR:

1) Don't ask for anyone else's food at lunch.

2) Don't give anyone else food at lunch.

3) If someone else gives you food at lunch, don't eat it.

4) Henceforth, if you DO eat six pieces of cake, OR drink six cartons of juice, or the like, and then throw up, guess who's NOT going to the nurse?

Violate these policies and you will be taking the bowling field trip, field day, and the end of the year party into your own hands.

Yep, it's seventeen days 'til summer, alright.


Seem like reasonable rules.

Check it out: when I was in elementary school, we had "the table."

The Table is where you donated unwanted lunch items. Other kids could recon The Table and select what they wanted.

It was great.
Ari said…
Well, normally I don't care, but until now I don't recall anyone having an Eat 'Til You Hurl Contest, LBB, which has been going on this week for my class, apparently. The Table was like food freecycling -- awesome!
Trevor Record said…
Aw, giving away food was how I kept my petite figure all through grade 3.
Ari said…
Yeah, I usually don't care -- we don't eat with the kids anyway most of the time. They're supervised by teacher assistants. I don't know what prompted the food eating contests or dares or whatever they were. Spring fever I guess.
Blogarita said…
I wish we'd had The Table, like LBB did, when we were kids.
Ari said…
The Table was indeed greatness, Blogarita. And thanks for stopping by!

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