Movie Tagged!

Sorry for the long absence! Work and life are tag teaming to kick my patoot. Speaking of tagging, I've been tagged by Name Hidden of The Unseen Blogger fame.

So here are 10 movies I like, listed by imdb plot keywords. Can you guess them?

1. Franz Kafka, Buddhism, Environmental Activism, Watermelon, Sudanese (hmm... half of these don't describe the movie to me... oh well.)
2. Androgyny, Sequel mentioned during end credits, Apocrypha, Revenge, Depiction of God
3. Performance Artist, Left Handedness, Female Nudity, Foot Fetish, Head in Toilet
4. Technology, Experiment Gone Wrong, Cyborg, Regicide, Science Runs Amok
5. Ancient Sword, Magic, Against the Odds, Villian, Stylized
6. Dumped by Girlfriend, Actor's Life, Ex Girlfriend, Dating, Swing
7. Time for Title, Double Cross, Duty, China, Teepee
8. Thief, Remake, Hotel, Caper, Escapade
9. Black Comedy, Part Stop Motion, Tragic Hero, U Boat, Surreal
10. Soul transference, Actor playing Himself, No opening credits, Chrysler Building New York, Possession

I'm not going to tag anyone because I'm not so sure anyone's reading anymore.

::fade out to crickets::


The Unseen One said…
Huh! Quite an ornery one!

2: Constantine
3: Big Lebowsky
4: Robocop
5: Conan The Barbarian
Ari said…
Hi there, NH!

2. No
3. YES!
4. and 5. No


1. I Heart Huckabees
2. Dogma
3. Big Lebowski as you guessed
4. Blade Runner
5. Lord of the Rings
6. Swingers
7. Shanghai Noon
8. Bottle Rocket
9. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
10. Being John Malkovich
Darrell said…
I correctly guessed #3, #6 and #10. I thought #8 was Oceans 11!

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