It's Lovely

I've already been pimping this guy all over the place, but I have to do it officially: Aqueduct, is, in fact, good music. Written and sung entirely (and sometimes performed!) by this one man, David Terry, it's a collection of indie confections, sweet and sinister all at once.

What's it like? He claims the Beach Boys! as a big influence but I think I hear Beck and Cake, too. There's lots of Moog-y synth stuff. There are dark storylines of romantic intrigue woven throughout with syrupy, irresistible hooks (and one song based on The Princess Bride). It's often sad, jaded, and even violent, but little bundles of hilarity and hope are interspersed throughout (just like some gunslinger tales I know). His voice sounds like some 70's singer whom I can't place. You can listen to his complete latest record, Or Give Me Death, at the link above, but buy it if you can, because we should all support self-made musical innovation out of a bedroom in Oklahoma.

This loveliness is unique and thus is probably a love it/hate it type thing.

Yet I urge you to decide which side you're on.

I need your love... Given that I have none to give, I need your love.
-- see above


Trevor Record said…
I took a listen, and didn't hear too much beach boys. He was ok, but I don't know if he warrants Latigo Flint comparisons.
Ari said…
Well, as far as being funny/sad/violent, I thought so. The songs are oddly touching, just like Latty's tales. To me, anyway.
Violet said…
very cool. officially on my list of songs to download from iTunes. i love beck and cake, so this should be right up my alley.
Trevor Record said…
Or perhaps you just underestimate the high esteem I hold tales of Latigo Flint in.
Amandarama said…
Very cool.

I miss Latigo too.
Ari said…
Hope you like it, Violet!

Perhaps I do, Trevor. I would not compare these two different animals really, but they FEEL the same in places. I love that which is funny/sad/violent/hopeful/dark/jaded -- that might be a genre. Of course, I've been driving down the highway in an Aqueduct soup for a couple of days now... maybe it's gone to my head too much.

Hope you enjoy it too, Amanda!

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