Guess the Mystery Ailment!

After nine years, this occupational hazard strikes.

Guess what it is and I'll flip off a latte-clutching soccer mom in your honor.


Gary said…
How about carpal tunnel?
The Unseen One said…

Actually, I was thinking migraines.
Ari said…
Well, yes, that too, Gary. But that's not the one I was thinking of here...

More like DUST lung in my building. No migraines yet.

No, there's a clue here in this post. The prize awaits!
The Unseen One said…
Ah. Scott Baio gave you Pink-eye!!!
Ari said…
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! The Unseen One WINS!!! I lose. :/

Nah, it's almost over. It wasn't so bad, just kinda annoying.

I'll be looking for a LCSM to flip off as soon as possible!!
The Unseen One said…
You have to do it stealthily since it is in my honor, yet she has to see it. ;)
Ari said…
I shall endeavor to do just that, O Unseen One.

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