Monday, March 26, 2007

Four New Things to Listen To

Not to be an oldster hipster, but I do seek new stuff.
Occasionally, it brings me joy. Maybe it can joy you too.

In ABC order:


So throwback and ridiculously rock star, it's delightful. It's been done, but it's still fresh. How, I don't know.

Louis XIV
Sex, sex, sex. Let's keep that between me and you, ok?


I'm still investigating, but things look promising.

Ian Moore

Bluesy deliciousness. Each new song I hear, I can't believe how beautiful and heart-capturing it is. Dandelion. I think he has short hair now.

Now have fun matching the pics and the descriptions!

(Having said that, I still burn candles at the altars of Corgan and Reznor on alternate Thursdays.)


A wedding salad: lettuce alone.

(Ok, maybe you've heard it. I hadn't. But it was good.)


Ari said...

OH YEAH! And Muse. :)

Violet said...

i'll have to check them out. it is quite possible that i've heard their music before, but just can't place the band with the song...

Trevor Record said...

I heard Louis XIV called "sleaze rock" once. Heh.

Ari said...

Ok the solutions to the pic matching game are: Ian Moore - Long hair; Piebald - brick wall; Louis XIV - red jacket; Cheeseburger - rainbow Mork suspenders.

Ari said...

You likely have, Violet.

It is sleaze rock, Trevor. Which is why it's cool, o' course.

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